Our first 100 days

We're ready.

We won't waste a second delivering our Strong Plan for Real Change. See how it will happen below...

First Day

Planning becomes reality

Steven Marshall and his team take office and begin implementing their Strong Plan for Real Change

Premier and Treasurer meet executive teams from the Premier’s Department and Treasury to be briefed on the State’s finances, any issues that have arisen during the caretaker period and to discuss implementation of the new government’s agenda

Premier issues instructions for the machinery of government changes necessary to implement the new government’s ministerial and departmental arrangements

Premier provides charter letters to all ministers setting out the portfolio outcomes expected during the government’s first term

First Week

Ministers meet departmental and agency executive teams for initial briefings

First Cabinet meeting (including initiation of weekly post-cabinet press-media briefing)

Dates announced for first session of new parliament

Establishment of Cabinet Budget Sub-Committee to drive preparation of 2018-19 budget

More Jobs

Scrap payroll tax for small business

Treasurer issues instruction for preparation of legislation to exempt all businesses with annual payrolls of less than $1.5 million from liability for payroll tax – exemption to apply from 1 January 2019

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Premier initiates process for establishment of South Australian Productivity Commission and Infrastructure SA including drafting of necessary legislation

Action initiated to dissolve TAFE SA Board and appoint new Board members

Moratorium implemented on fracking in Limestone Coast region to encourage existing businesses to continue to grow and create jobs

Lower Costs

50% reduction in ESL bills

Treasurer issues instruction for procedures to implement policy of $90 million cut in ESL bills from 1 July 2018

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Appoint Special Investigator to examine acquisition of diesel generators and related aspects of the former Government’s Energy Plan

Reductions in ministerial staff implemented

Premier issues new guidelines governing taxpayerfunded advertising

Premier issues instructions for payment of government bills on time

Better Services

Re-open the Repat

Ministerial Development Plan issued to zone the Repat site for health care services

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30 Days

More Jobs

Defence industry jobs

Premier meets Prime Minister and Federal Defence Industry Minister to discuss implementation of South Australian Government’s Defence Workforce policy

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Make representations to the Federal Government for funding support for major infrastructure projects including completion of North-South corridor and overpass at Highway 1-Copper Coast Highway intersection, Port Wakefield

Increase apprenticeships

Undertake negotiations with Federal Government to secure agreement on Skilling Australians funding to increase number of apprentices and trainees in South Australia by more than 20,800 over four years

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Extend the Terms of Reference for the current TAFE Strategic Capability Review

Authorise preparation of legislation to extend shop trading hours

Commence process to establish South Australian trade offices in Shanghai, Japan, Malaysia, Dubai and the United States

Membership of South Australian Productivity Commission and Infrastructure SA determined with appointment subject to passage of ratifying legislation

Pursue discussions with Federal Government about locating operations of national space agency in South Australia

Regional Roads and Infrastructure

Establish Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund

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Issue instructions for repeal of Natural Resources Management Act and preparation of new Landscape South Australia Act

Glenthorne National Park

Initiate establishment of Glenthorne National Park and begin process to open up metropolitan reservoirs for recreational and fishing activities

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Lower Costs

Treasurer meets Federal Treasurer to discuss Federal-State financial relations including future GST revenue distributions

Preparation of legislation to impose local government rate capping

Home battery subsidy

Issue instructions for establishment of $100 million battery subsidy scheme for 40,000 homes

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Begin introduction of other home-based storage, demand management and grid integration initiatives

Better Services

Surgeries at the Repat

Initiate the process to re-open operating theatres on the Repat site to reduce the elective surgery backlog

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Commence establishment of a High Dependency Unit at Modbury Hospital

Suspend the roll-out of the Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) to other hospital sites and establish an independent review into its functionality, performance and long-term prospects

Commence preparations for public release of information on outpatient clinic waiting times by speciality and hospital on a quarterly basis from 1 July 2018

Work with the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board to undertake a review of the Stage 2 SACE requirements – the first in more than six years – including subject numbers, the Research Project, and what additional technical qualification courses might be suitable to count towards the SACE

Women's and Childrens Hospital

Establish high-level task force to drive co-location of new Women's and Children's Hospital with new Royal Adelaide Hospital

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Ensure that all schools have access to materials to prepare them to deliver the Year One phonics check

Form enhanced partnerships with non-government organisations to deliver workshops for parents of children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties in regional centres across South Australia

Initiate full conditions assessment of Housing SA properties to support strategic asset management plan

Host domestic violence stakeholder roundtable to expedite reform

100 Days

First parliamentary session underway

Preparation of 2018-19 budget well advanced

Public ICAC hearings

Introduction of legislation to enable the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption to choose to hold a public hearing when investigating matters relating to maladministration and misconduct

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Never ever allow another Oakden

Table adult protection legislation to safeguard adults who are vulnerable to abuse or neglect and empower an agency to conduct investigations into allegations of abuse or neglect.

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More Jobs

Introduce legislation to exempt all business with annual payrolls less than $1.5 million from liability for payroll tax – exemption to apply from 1 January 2019

Deregulate shopping hours

Introduce legislation to remove restrictions on shop trading hours

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Introduce legislation to establish South Australian Productivity Commission and Infrastructure SA


Business case initiated for GlobeLink proposal for generational upgrade to export infrastructure

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Establish Regional Growth Fund

Establish Economic Advisory Council to replace Economic Development Board

New Technical College

Commence expression-of-interest process for proposals for a new Technical College in the western suburbs

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Commence reforms to the Training and Skills Act to revitalise the Training and Skills Commission including the re-establishment of Industry Skills Councils

Entrepreneurial education

Commence process to identify four high schools to be designated entrepreneurial schools

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Lower Costs

Legislate Council rate capping

Introduce legislation for local government rate capping

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Initiate discussions within COAG to modernise rules governing the National Electricity Market

Introduce farm debt mediation legislation

Water pricing enquiry

Independent inquiry into water pricing underway

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Introduce legislation to protect the public from ticket scalpers

Introduce legislation to ensure gift cards have minimum three-year expiry dates

Better Services

School Literacy Guarantee

Establish Literacy Guarantee Unit in Department of Education and Child Development and initiate appointment of new literacy coaches

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Initiate package of measures designed to reinvigorate language studies in South Australian schools

Re-introduce legislation to amend the Education Act which lapsed in 2017 with changes to improve the bill. A Marshall Liberal Government’s bill will not include Labor’s proposed new central controls over school governing councils, but will incorporate amendments to implement proposals of the Debelle Royal Commission relating to governing council legal funds

Introduce legislation to increase fines to deter chronic truancy

Undertake audit of all public school truancy and bullying policies to ensure they meet minimum standards

Discussions underway between SAPOL, Department of Education and Child Development and Independent and Catholic schools on protocols for use of police sniffer dogs in schools to deter drug use

Prepare and introduce legislation to implement the war on drugs program

Decentralise health system

Introduce legislation to decentralise governance of the public health system, including management of budgets by Local Health Network Boards

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Restore 24/7 cardiac emergency capacity at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Initiate establishment of specialist state-wide Borderline Personality Disorder service

Launch SA Healthy Towns Challenge Program

Initiate upgrade of renal unit at Mt Gambier Hospital

Preparations underway for a community-based drug addiction rehabilitation pilot in the Riverland

Stability in foster care

Work commenced to make foster care and kinship care payments available for people up to 21 years of age

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Reforms initiated in recruitment practices for child protection workers

Recruitment underway for Assistant Commissioner for Aboriginal Children

A timetable provided for all State disability services to be transferred to the NGO sector, including group homes

Re-introduce Disability Inclusion Bill

Establish parameters for a new housing authority amalgamating the functions of Housing SA and Renewal SA

Engage the Australian Housing and Urban Renewal Institute to audit the State’s current housing assets and map future demand

Legislation being prepared to lift the time limit on compensation claims by victims of institutionalised child sexual abuse

Retired judge or senior lawyer appointed to lead review of all aspects of police work

Introduce legislation to give police greater latitude to use lethal force in an officially declared terrorist incident

Initiating a trial of the use of light armoured vests by frontline police

Speed camera audit

Preparations underway for audit of speed cameras to ensure they are operating for safety purposes and not to raise revenue

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Shark spotting drones

Discussions underway with surf lifesaving clubs about provision of drones to enhance surveillance of beaches

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Beyond 100 days

We will continue to deliver our Strong Plan for Real Change.

Change that will re-set South Australia and deliver:

More jobs.
Lower costs.
Better services.

Together we will make South Australia strong and respected again.