A more productive government

We'll be supporting business through better government

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will establish the South Australian Productivity Commission to provide advice on cutting red tape, improving government services, and delivering economic reform.

This will enhance the productivity of both our public and private sectors by removing regulation and enabling more informed decision making.

The independent advice provided through this body will also ensure government can much more effectively support our regions, small businesses and other vital sectors of our economy to grow and create jobs.

Why we’re doing it

Under Labor, government has become much more involved in our daily lives. But the more laws and regulations we have, the more they cost us to implement and administer.

Often, this red tape is unnecessary or inefficiently applied and stops businesses employing more people, while government services become more expensive, adding significantly to cost of living pressures.

As Liberals, we believe government should get out of the way of business wherever possible.

That’s why we will establish the South Australian Productivity Commission to ensure government is focused and efficient, allowing businesses to thrive.