Aboriginal Children’s Commissioner

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will improve outcomes for Aboriginal children by appointing an Assistant Commissioner for Aboriginal Children within the Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People.

The Assistant Commissioner will develop policies and practices that promote the safety and wellbeing of Aboriginal children, assisting Aboriginal families and communities to keep children safe in culturally appropriate ways.

Why we’re doing it

There remains a disproportionate representation of Aboriginal children in child protection, with Aboriginal children comprising more than 32% of those on care and protection orders.

A series of inquiries in South Australia, including the Nyland Royal Commission in 2016 and the Mulligan report in 2008, identified the extent of Aboriginal child sex abuse, child abuse and neglect, and education issues, youth crime and substance abuse.

During the Nyland Royal Commission, aboriginal organisations sought the appointment of a commissioner with specific responsibilities for Aboriginal children but the Weatherill Government has refused to make this appointment.

We must do much more to deal with poor outcomes for Aboriginal children in child protection, education, health and justice.

That’s why we will appoint an Assistant Commissioner for Aboriginal Children.