Addressing mobile phone black spots

What we’re doing

A Marshall Liberal Government will establish a $10 million fund to address mobile black spots across South Australia.

This fund will enable us to leverage contributions from telecommunications companies to deliver new and upgraded towers to priority black spots in regional and remote South Australia.

We will also work with the Commonwealth Government to identify opportunities to leverage other funding programs.

Why we’re doing it

Reliable mobile phone coverage is vital for people living in our regional cities, towns and beyond.

Mobile phones are not just a convenience.

Mobile phone coverage enhances community safety but has other benefits as well.

These include contributing to business effectiveness and encouraging more tourists to travel more widely in our regions and remote areas.

Despite these obvious benefits, the Weatherill Government has contributed a miserly amount to enable new towers to be installed, meaning that services continue to be denied to many communities outside Australia.

Our regions deserve better and that’s why we will invest significantly in addressing mobile black spots across South Australia.