Aquaculture industry growth

Balancing priorities in our marine environment

What we’re doing

A Marshall Liberal Government will reform the structure of aquaculture leases in a bid to treble the industry and create new jobs.

The State Liberals will amend the Aquaculture Act 2001 to enable aquaculture lease holders to borrow against their leases and unlock the huge potential that exists within the industry.

We’ve been consulting the aquaculture industry, financial institutions and exporters who are all supportive of these reforms, with the South Australian Oyster Growers Association (SAOGA) indicating that the oyster industry alone could treble to over $100 million.

Why we’re doing it

There are over 1,200 people currently employed in the aquaculture industry which includes some of South Australia’s finest seafood like bluefin tuna, marine finfish, oysters, mussels and abalone.

Overseas and interstate markets are hungry for South Australia’s world-class seafood and demand is well and truly outstripping supply for our premium seafood.

That’s why we will take the shackles off our aquaculture industry so it can reach its full potential by exploiting these opportunities, boost our exports and support job creation.