Borderline personality disorder – fighting stigma and taking action

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide $10 million over four years to establish a specialist state-wide Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Service for at-risk clients, including a focus on new mothers, their babies and young people.

Our initiatives are evidence-based and will deliver a more responsive service that addresses the issues and needs of individuals with a BPD diagnosis, their families and carers, improving their quality of life.

The state-wide service will have five elements:

  1. Clinical services for people with severe and complex BPD
  2. Access to treatment for more than 700 clients over four years through dedicated acute, outpatient and therapeutic services
  3. Funding for the most at-risk BPD clients, their families and carers to access case work, housing, community and employment services
  4. An Early Years and New Mothers Program to increase services available to mothers who have infants and young children and have been diagnosed with BPD
  5. A program to support young people at risk of developing BPD

Why we’re doing it

A major gap in South Australia’s mental health services is the treatment of BPD – a condition that an estimated 68,000 South Australians are living with every day.

BPD is a psychiatric disorder characterised by distressing emotional states and difficulty relating to other people. The condition carries with it a high risk of self-harming behaviour, including suicide.

A person with BPD is likely to have frequent interactions with services including hospital emergency departments, ambulance, police and corrections.

The cost of BPD in terms of health, social and other services and lost productivity is calculated to be more than $300 million per annum in South Australia.

Years of government inaction and unmet commitments by Labor mean that the health system remains significantly unresponsive to the needs of people with a BPD diagnosis.

In contrast, the Liberals believe in investing in caring for the mind and body and that’s why we will invest in mental health services to support South Australians living with BPD.