Building the infrastructure a strong South Australia needs

We are committed to productive infrastructure

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will take a strategic, not political, approach to building our infrastructure.

We will establish Infrastructure South Australia, an independent body that will combine the expertise of the public and private sectors to develop a 20-year state infrastructure strategy and 5-year infrastructure plans.

This body will be transparent and accountable and will be empowered to provide frank, fearless and independent advice.

This will ensure we have better infrastructure planning to support long-term economic growth, more jobs and better, more affordable services.

Why we’re doing it

Infrastructure is central to everything a good government does and it costs a lot of money – taxpayers’ money – with well over $1 billion spent every year on roads, ports and other infrastructure.

We have seen what happens when infrastructure plans are short-sighted, ill-conceived, badly implemented and driven by short-term political motives rather than what is best now and into the future.

Under the State Labor Government, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital cost much more than it needed to – more than $600 million over budget – and was long delayed.

This is just one example of the government’s failure in this area and, unfortunately, there are many more.

That’s why we will ensure we have better, more strategic, infrastructure planning.