Built Heritage

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will implement a comprehensive heritage policy to rejuvenate our built heritage, ensuring it is protected and preserved for future generations.

We will provide funding for a significant restoration of Ayers House, a flagship heritage property in the heart of Adelaide’s cultural precinct, restoring it to its former glory and re-invigorating it as a centre for major events.

We will also establish a heritage fund to make $500,000 available in grants to help owners of heritage listed properties undertake vital preservation and restoration works.

Other tenants of our heritage policy include:

  • Making adaptive re-use of heritage buildings in Adelaide’s CBD easier
  • Facilitating the free transfer of several heritage properties to the National Trust
  • Developing a Heritage Tourism Strategy
  • Preserving important heritage buildings on Glenthorne Farm
  • Reviewing the role of the State Heritage Council
  • Working in partnership with the National Trust

Why we’re doing it

South Australia has a rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage.

We have a considerable built heritage, much of it located in regional South Australia. Heritage adds to the character of communities, but also can be a significant draw card for tourists, with heritage sites contributing strongly to our visitor economy.

We know that South Australians value heritage places and want them to be nurtured, re-vitalised and invested in so that they continue to give our communities character and connect people with the stories of our state’s rich history.

We believe that heritage is not just about the past, but instead a living representation of where we’ve come from, with plenty to teach us about where we could go.

That’s why we will invest in seeing heritage places re-energised, some through adaptive re-use and others as places of tourism value.