Defence industry focus

We are investing in jobs of the future

What we’ll do

One way a Marshall Liberal Government will maximise opportunities in defence is by investing in our cyber security capabilities.

There is a shortage in the cyber workforce and we want the next generation of cyber security experts to be South Australian. We haven’t been waiting for the election to do this.

We have already initiated an Australian Cyber Security Challenge with participants solving complex technical problems, working through a response to a real-world problem to avert a major cyber threat.

This is just one way we want to ensure South Australian is positioned to capitalise on the job opportunities in this important area.

Why we’re doing it

South Australia is the focus of our nation’s $89 billion investment in naval ship building.

The Defence Department is adding about 800 additional roles to improve cyber and intelligence capabilities over the next decade as ships become increasingly complex and dependent on the extensive use of digital and communications technologies throughout their operational lives.

It’s also forecast that demand in Australia for cyber security services and related jobs will grow by at least 21 percent over the next five years.

Our cyber security must be strong and sophisticated and that’s why we will ensure South Australia can capitalise on job opportunities in this space.