Capping NRM levies

What we’ll do

We will cap land and water levy increases through our new Natural Resource Management structure which will ensure spending is kept under control by getting back to basics, focusing on soil quality, pest control, and water management.

Our approach will also require levies to be spent in the region in which they are collected with local boards required to publish transparent budgets showing what levies are spent on.

Why we’re doing it

In a strong economy, the management of our land and other natural resources brings together communities, organisations and government agencies to work for the benefit of all of us.

But the NRM system established by Labor in 2004 has lost the confidence of the South Australian public, particularly in our regional communities.

NRM levies have consistently increased well beyond CPI and have become an unfair impost on households, businesses and farms.

We know people just simply can’t keep up with taxes and charges spiralling so much higher than wages growth.

That’s why we will give South Australians confidence and certainty, lowering the cost of living and driving investment in our state through lower NRM levies.