Commercial Fishing reform

Balancing economic and environmental priorities in our marine environment

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will reform South Australia’s Marine Scale Fish industry to unlock the industry’s potential and provide long term sustainability.

A senior PIRSA officer will be allocated to work with industry in developing a reform package, with key measures to deal with zoning, fleet rationalisation and a quota managed fishery.

These commitments will enable the reform process to be initiated and negotiation with the industry on the timeframes and implementation of voluntary licence buybacks.

Quotas will provide greater certainty for industry while preventing stock depletion of key fisheries such as King George Whiting, Garfish and Snapper, making these fisheries more sustainable for both recreational and commercial fishers.

Why we’re doing it

South Australia’s marine scale fish industry is characterised by a diversity of small to medium-sized family-owned businesses. Many of them are continuing a family tradition steeped in generations of fishing experience.

Broadly our seafood sector contributes $900 million to our economy each year, with marine scale fisheries also supporting our more than quarter of a million-strong recreational fishers.

Currently, however, there aren’t individual quotas in place for the 300 marine scale licence holders which means they can catch an unlimited amount of King George Whiting, Garfish, Snapper and Southern Calamari.

There is broad recognition within the industry that its current structure and management framework is not sustainable and needs reform.

That’s why we will begin a process of reform for the marine scale fish industry.