Compensation for child sexual abuse victims

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure victims of institutional child abuse will be able to seek compensation and full access to justice regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred by lifting the time limit on compensation claims.

This will ensure victims do not need to beg a court to look at their cases in years to come.

Why we’re doing it

Victims of institutional child sexual abuse in South Australia are being left behind the rest of the nation by laws which limit the period in which a victim can make a claim for damages to three years.

The federal Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended that state and territory governments should remove any such limitation period and, while some other states have acted on this recommendation, South Australia hasn’t.

As a result, South Australian victims of institutional child sexual abuse may be unable to make any claim for compensation due to restrictive time limits.

Compensation for victims should be a high priority for any government

That’s why we will act to remove limitations preventing victims from accessing justice.