Completing the North-South Corridor

What we’re doing

The State Liberals will develop a detailed business case for all incomplete sections of the North-South Corridor by the end of 2018.

We will immediately review the work undertaken to date by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and ensure the outstanding businesses cases are completed and submitted to Infrastructure Australia.

The work ahead of a future Marshall Liberal Government includes:

  • Detailed concept planning including traffic modelling;
  • Consultation with local government, utilities and the community;
  • Firming up cost estimates and developing an implementation plan;
  • Undertaking financial and economic analysis; and
  • Developing a procurement strategy and work packages which provide South Australian businesses with opportunities to be included.

A Marshall Liberal Government will not support tolls and we rule out tolls for financing any section of the North-South Corridor.

Why we’re doing it

The North-South Corridor is Adelaide’s most important road corridor for commuter and freight traffic and it is vital that this project is completed to alleviate pressure on our arterial road network and to support much more efficient movement of local, interstate and international freight.

Three major sections of the project remain unfunded.

They are:

  • Regency Park to Pym Street
  • River Torrens to Anzac Highway
  • Anzac Highway to Darlington

To secure federal funding support for the project, it is first necessary for the State Government to submit a detailed business case to Infrastructure Australia, including final concept designs and benefit cost ratios.

Unfortunately, under the Weatherill Government, the required planning has not been done and there is no clear plan for the remaining sections of the project.

South Australia needs a government that will work cooperatively with the Federal Government to ensure this project is delivered.

That’s why we are committing to prioritising the planning required to complete the North-South Corridor.