Counter terrorism action plan

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will introduce a broad suite of measures to keep our community safe from the evolving threat of terrorism.

These include:

  • undertaking an audit of all major public places and events
  • additional training for police officers
  • providing greater certainty for police in the use of lethal force
  • additional training for security guards
  • preventing radicalisation in prisons
  • developing an anti-terrorism communications plan
  • increasing the use of Community Constables to enhance engagement with at risk communities.

Why we’re doing it

The freedom to gather, to go to a sporting event, to a concert, to a festival is central to the way of life that we enjoy in South Australia.

This way of life must be protected. We must remain free to go about our daily lives without unnecessary interference.

Unfortunately, crowded places are increasingly a preferred terrorist target.

We must always be vigilant about the dangers that exist and ensure that our planning remains ahead of the threats against us.

That’s why we will introduce a suite of measures to keep our community safe from terrorism.