Country hospitals

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will invest in our country hospitals.

We will fix the backlog in country hospital capital works by:

  • ensuring that all money raised in local communities is spent in those communities
  • acting with urgency to address high risk repairs and maintenance at country hospitals
  • implementing a country capital works renewal strategy to address the maintenance backlog and plan positively for future development
  • developing arrangements to retain part of the private patient income in local hospitals for the benefit of local services.

This will return millions of dollars to country communities.

Why we’re doing it

Country South Australians are just as entitled to taxpayer-funded investment in their hospitals and health services as their metropolitan counterparts.

But for too long, the Weatherill Government’s city-centric mindset has undermined patient care as it has run many country hospitals into the ground.

Over the past 10 years, Labor has neglected country hospitals, creating a maintenance backlog reported to be in the order of $150 million.

Despite this, not a single dollar was allocated for capital investment in country hospitals and health services in the most recent budget.

That’s why we will act with urgency to clear the backlog of capital works in country hospitals.