Creating eco-tourism opportunities

More activities, attractions and events for locals and visitors

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will kickstart regional tourism by allowing the development of eco-tourism accommodation options in national parks, starting with Innes National Park.

Before Innes National Park was a National Park, it was home to a gypsum mine at Stenhouse Bay so there is already a pre-existing footprint within which further development could be undertaken with minimum disruption to the environment and amenity of the park.

We will begin by calling for the private sector to register their interest in providing facilities that showcase our world-class natural assets whilst conserving our pristine environment.

Why we’re doing it

Our regions are struggling because we’re not making the most of our environmental assets to create jobs.

Only 20% of intrastate and interstate tourists elect to camp or caravan which means 80% of the domestic tourism market, approximately 5 million domestic tourists per year, are less likely to stay in our national parks and spend time in our regions.

Enhancing the accommodation options in Innes National Park will mean more tourists will come to the area, spend money and create local jobs in our regions.

That’s why we will work with the private sector to enhance tourism, starting in Innes National Park.