Domestic violence – personal protection app

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will develop a personal protection app linking at-risk individuals directly to SAPOL and family violence services.

Our free, easy to use app will enhance safety by giving victims, or those at risk of domestic violence, access to emergency assistance, even when they are unable to make a phone call, while also providing vital information on what services are available safely and quickly at any time.

Information that will be accessible via the app will include:

  • emergency contacts
  • information and links to support services, including emergency accommodation
  • information on what behaviour is considered domestic violence.

Importantly, this information can be obtained anonymously and in one place.

Why we’re doing it

In Australia, one in six women experience intimate partner violence.

In South Australia, SAPOL reporting showed 25,029 domestic violence matters were reported in 2016. This is three an hour, 69 per day and 480 per week.

Domestic violence is often hidden, with victims too scared to speak to those even closest to them and, while there is information on a variety of government and non-government services available, this information is often fragmented across different websites and printed resources, making it difficult for women at risk to access it.

There is also no easy and quick way for women to notify the police or trusted individuals if they are in danger and unable to make a phone call.

Evidence shows that most domestic violence occurs within the home and often women have to flee with only their immediate personal belongings, including their smart phone.

That’s why we will develop an app to support these women with both the information they need at their fingertips and a way to quickly and discreetly notify police if they are in trouble.