Drug treatment orders

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide extra support for families and protect children who are struggling with drug addiction by allowing magistrates to provide for drug treatment orders for children under the age of 18.

These Youth Treatment Orders will provide children with a residency at a treatment facility for up to 12 months and will enable parents to legally force their children to attend drug treatment programs.

This is an initiative that will save children’s lives and help break addiction as early as possible, while also providing legal back-up to parents and care-givers who are struggling to find suitable treatment options for their children.

Why we’re doing it

Options for drug treatment in South Australia are narrow and services are either very expensive or inadequate. Families often feel helpless at their inability to legally force their children into drug treatment programs.

We believe in providing a system to help our children and their families fight this addiction earlier, before it becomes a life-long habit. Earlier intervention and assistance may help stop the habit following a young person into adulthood.

A ‘revolving door’ approach to drug treatment is not a standard we will accept. We do not want to see our children returning to drugs and dropping out of treatment programs.

That’s why we will invest in these measures to ensure that those who need drug treatment the most will be able to access it.