Zero tolerance for drugs in prisons

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will stamp out drugs in our prisons.

We will:

  • introduce workplace testing of prison officers, staff and contractors for alcohol and illegal drugs; and
  • legislate to ban members of outlaw motorcycle gangs from visiting prisoners.

Prison staff will be tested when there is a serious incident, a suspicion they are under the influence of drugs or on a random basis.

To further ensure we stamp out drugs in our prisons, a Marshall Liberal Government will prevent prisoners being groomed by members of outlaw motorcycle gangs by prohibiting these individuals from participating in prison visits.

Why we’re doing it

Drugs are regularly found in our prisons and people working in the prison system must be supported by high standards of occupational health and safety.

If prison officers or staff are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work, they expose their colleagues by significantly increasing an already wide range of workplace risks.

Further, prisons can become a breeding ground for members of organised crime groups such as outlaw motorcycle gangs, providing these groups with a potential source of new recruits for drug and other crime.

Prison is an environment where prisoners need to be supported to detoxify from drug addiction and prison officers need to know they are working in a setting that is as safe as possible.

That’s why we will take these steps to stamp out drugs in prisons.