Education as an export

What we’ll do

If elected in March 2018 a Marshall Liberal Government will grow one of our biggest exports, international education, by implementing a range of measures to boost international student enrolment in South Australia.

We will increase funding to Study Adelaide to $2.5 million per annum to support their key role in promoting Adelaide as a centre of education excellence, encouraging more students to live and spend in Adelaide.

We will also double the international student ambassador campaign and strengthen our interaction with overseas education agents responsible for promoting our interests overseas.

And we will better connect international students to accommodation, services, businesses and information to further enhance our reputation as a first-choice destination for international students.

This will grow our national market share in international student enrolments, growing our economy and creating jobs.

Why we’re doing it

International education is South Australia’s largest service export totalling more than $1 billion and we believe there is much room to grow this crucial economic sector.

At the end of 2017, just over 35,000 international students were enrolled to study in South Australia.

This represented 4.5% of all international students in Australia, well below our population share.

If the number of international students in South Australia matched our population share, there would be another 19,800 international students enrolled in our State.

This is significant in economic and job creation terms given that for every four additional international students, one extra full-time job is created.

Accordingly, getting our population share of international students would boost our economy by almost $590 million a year and create an additional 4,555 jobs.

That’s why we are committed to implementing a suite of measures to boost exports, grow our economy and create jobs by growing international student numbers.