End spiralling water prices

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure South Australians are paying a fair price for water, saving households and businesses money by putting an end to spiralling water prices.

We will establish an independent inquiry into water pricing – a measure Labor previously blocked as they prefer to keep you in the dark about why you pay more for water than people in other states.

The outcomes of the inquiry will be made public and inform improvements to the pricing of water in South Australia, ensuring consumers are not ripped off.

Why we’re doing it

Under Labor, average annual household bills have risen from $236 to an estimated $782 – an increase of 232%, with South Australian households now paying the highest water prices in the nation.

Labor Government policies have forced SA Water to overvalue its assets, maintain a costly, over-sized Adelaide Desalination Plan and even this year borrow $71 million SA Water didn’t need to prop up their budget. This is basically another way of the government taking more money out of your pocket because the cost feeds directly into your water bills.

Water is essential and must become more affordable.

That’s why we will ensure SA water is no longer imposing secret taxes through your water bill.