Engaging communities and clinicians for better health

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will recognise that health care needs and challenges can vary significantly between areas and will ensure that decisions are made as close as possible to the area and people affected.

Our commitment to engaging communities and clinicians for better health includes:

  • decentralising the public health system through the establishment of metropolitan and regional boards of management
  • putting real responsibility and accountability at the local level, with strengthened oversight
  • improving patient safety and holding boards accountable for delivering real progress

Each board will have autonomy to:

  • appoint a chief executive
  • control the health budget for the area covered by that board
  • actively engage with communities and frontline health professionals
  • negotiate an annual service level agreement
  • report annually against its progress.

The Minister for Health and Wellbeing will be empowered to intervene if a board does not meet its responsibilities, including in relation to the quality of the services provided and financial targets.

Why we’re doing it

Labor’s health priorities have been all wrong.

Decision-making has become so centralised that administration is getting in the way of quality health care.

Our health services are crying out for a transformation in leadership, governance and culture.

Decisions need to be made as close as possible to the area and people affected and with the full and effective involvement of local health professionals.

This means cutting unnecessary bureaucracy which frustrates people seeking to work productively in our hospitals and health centres, allowing them to maximise the time they devote to the safety and care of patients.

That’s why we will focus on de-centralising our public health system so that you can access quality health care, closer to home.