Excellence and innovation in health

What we’ll do

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will establish a Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health to provide leadership and advice within SA Health and the Government on clinical excellence and innovation.

In the wake of Labor’s failed Transforming Health agenda, we will ensure the focus returns to health outcomes valued by patients – quality, safety, access and results.

The Commission will be governed by a board representing consumers, nurses, doctors and other clinicians, together with members with management, financial, academic and legal skills.

The Commission will be established drawing on the experience of the New South Wales Clinical Commission, the New South Wales Agency for Clinical Innovation and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Why we’re doing it

The Weatherill Government’s failed Transforming Health agenda was driven by the health bureaucracy and Treasury.

Clinicians on the ground delivering treatment, care and services were disengaged and the patient was not the focus.

In the process, the Government dismantled key forums for a supporting clinical engagement – the clinical senate and the state-wide clinical networks.

This has contributed to patients experiencing appalling failures of quality care such as:

  • Oakden;
  • the chemotherapy dosing saga; and
  • the prostate cancer bungle.

SA Health needs to re-engage clinicians and consumers, both locally and across the State.

That’s why we will put much more focus on quality and value of care.