Extending the Cape Jervis breakwater to boost tourism

What we’re doing

We will extend the Cape Jervis breakwater to maximise the number of days that the Kangaroo Island ferry is able to operate to boost tourism and create more jobs.

We are investing $2 million to extend the breakwater 100 metres to reduce the number of days the ferry is unable to operate due to poor weather conditions.

This is part of our strong plan to grow our tourism sector and jobs in this industry.

Why we’re doing it

Kangaroo Island is a world-renowned tourism destination that isn’t reaching its full potential under Labor.

The success of the tourism industry is important for Kangaroo Island, contributing around $144 million to the island’s economy and directly employing over 500 people.

Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions, the ferry isn’t always able to operate and tourists can be left stranded unable to get to Kangaroo Island.

This hurts the small businesses and tourism providers that rely on visitors to support jobs and the local economy.

We need to attract more interstate and overseas visitors to Kangaroo Island and ensure that when they come to visit they have a first-class tourism experience.

The ferry is the most common means of transport for tourists and locals alike to get to and from the island and we want to make this service as reliable as possible.

That’s why we are investing in extending the Cape Jervis breakwater.