Support farmers in their dealings with resource companies

We are committed to supporting our primary producers

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide funding to the Small Business Commissioner to support the needs of primary producers in dealings with resource companies.

This will resource the Commissioner to undertake work on behalf of primary producers seeking advice/resolution for land access issues involving resource companies.

When the dispute is between a small farming business and a larger resource company, it will be the role of the Small Business Commissioner to advocate on behalf of the farming business. If both parties are small businesses, the Commissioner will work to help both parties come to an agreement.

Why we’re doing it

In recent years there has been more exploration and production activity proposed by resource companies requiring access to agricultural land.

For many holders of agricultural land, being approached by a resource company can be stressful and confusing.

Most have little or no prior experience in dealing with explorers and miners, limited knowledge about the rights of the respective parties, no knowledge of who to turn to for advice, and fewer resources to pursue legal avenues.

We believe it is the role of government to provide clear guidelines for dispute resolution and an arbitration process that supports all parties and that’s why we will invest in supporting our primary producers in this way.