Flagstaff Road – completing the dual carriageway

We are committed to productive infrastructure

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will improve safety on Flagstaff Road by completing a fourth lane, making it a permanent two-way dual carriageway.

This will reduce confusion for motorists, especially in peak hour traffic.

It will make the area much safer for drivers and reduce congestion, providing room to overtake slow-moving traffic and allow emergency vehicles to proceed without being held up by other traffic.

Why we’re doing it

Flagstaff Road at Flagstaff Hill is a major arterial road used by more than 25,000 motorists every day.

For about 800 metres of the road’s 3.3 km length, there are only three lanes.

Flow on the centre lane is reversed daily to cope with peak-hour traffic in the mornings and evenings.

This remains an unsafe and confusing arrangement, with regular users of the road reporting people travelling in the wrong direction and many near misses.

That’s why we will invest in this road, getting you home sooner and safer.