Frontline policing

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will work to reduce red tape for police so that they can streamline operations and get more police out protecting our community.

Specifically, we will commission a review working with frontline police, the Police Association and senior police management to identify how to work smarter without compromising public safety.

Areas of focus will include:

  • streamlining arrest and charging processes
  • enabling police to spend less time guarding people who have been taken into custody
  • reducing the amount of time police spend waiting in court to give evidence
  • reducing bottlenecks within SAPOL to improve turnaround times for producing evidence for trial
  • reviewing technology use to reduce administrative burdens.

Why we’re doing it

Even though South Australia has the highest number of police per capita in the nation, we have one of the highest offender rates as well.

Our police are working in a very difficult and often overloaded environment. A simple arrest can often mean hours of paperwork with valuable time spent behind a desk rather than on the street.

There is also a huge backlog of cases waiting to be processed through our criminal justice system.

The bottlenecks need addressing to restore the timely application of justice.

That’s why we will act to free up police resources by reducing red tape.