Greener neighbourhoods

Ensuring Adelaide remains a great place to live and work

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will provide funding through local councils to keep our suburban streets green through our ‘Greening our Neighbourhoods’ initiative.

Our plan will enhance the existing street tree management plans of councils, ensuring the roll out of street tree planting involves the local community.

Why we’re doing it

Significant pressure is being placed on our urban environments as the Weatherill Labor Government vigorously pursues its urban development infill agenda.

The government has a target of increasing infill from 70% of new developments to 85% in established urban areas; meanwhile, Adelaide’s tree coverage is amongst the lowest of the state capitals. Its proportion of tree canopy is 27% – less than half Hobart’s, which is the highest at 59%.

Street trees provide enormous benefits to our neighbourhoods, enhancing social and environmental outcomes and increasing the liveability of suburbia.

We want to ensure South Australia retains its unique natural beauty, and by increasing natural vegetation we can reduce the severity of the ‘heat island effect’ within our urban areas.

That’s why we will invest in greening our neighbourhoods.