Re-opening the Repat

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will re-open the Repat as a genuine health precinct, providing hospital and other health services.

Specifically, we will:

  • Re-open operating theatres to reduce the elective surgery waiting list
  • Re-open the hydrotherapy pool to support community health
  • Use Ward 18 as an older persons’ mental health facility to provide accommodation for people who until recently would have been admitted to Oakden
  • Build a new older persons’ mental health facility for people with Tier 7, extreme BPSD (behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia)

We will amend planning regulations to ensure that, even if the Repat site is sold, it will remain dedicated to health care services.

Why we’re doing it

Labor promised it would never, ever close the Repatriation General Hospital.

But it did – in November 2017.

Despite widespread community opposition, the Weatherill Labor Government rezoned the Repat site opening it up to commercial, industrial and residential development.

The health assets on the Repat site could be used to address current problems in our health system. For example, with a massive backlog in elective surgery, the Repat operating theatres should be used to bring the current backlog under control.

Ward 18 could help deal with the shortage of suitable accommodation for older people with behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia – people who until recently would have been admitted to Oakden.

Our state’s health services, particularly our southern metropolitan health network, cannot afford to lose these valuable health assets. Yet Labor continues to ignore the South Australian community’s demand that a genuine health precinct be retained on the site.

That’s why the Liberals will re-open the Repat.