Hospital outpatient waiting lists

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will enable patients and doctors to make more informed choices about treatment by ensuring you and your doctor have more information about clinic waiting times.

We will:

  • release information on outpatient clinic waiting times on a quarterly basis from 1 July 2018
  • work with health services to develop and release robust and reliable data showing how many patients are being treated and the proportion treated within the clinically recommended timeframe for their level of urgency
  • work to ensure specialist outpatient waiting time data is reported nationally.

Why we’re doing it

If you are referred by your GP to a specialist outpatient clinic at a public hospital, the Weatherill Government provides you with no information on how long you will have to wait for your first consultation.

For many patients, it can take more than three years before an initial consultation and, if you need surgery, you may have to wait another year before you get it.

For many people, the time taken to determine what treatment is necessary causes uncertainty and personal anxiety, while lack of information denies patients the opportunity to assess all treatment options available to them.

Other states have acted to keep people better informed about outpatient waiting times, but not South Australia.

At the very least, you should know how long you have to wait to access outpatient services and that’s why we will make sure this information is publicly available to you.