Investing $110 million in Modbury Hospital

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will invest in quality health care, closer to home for residents in the north-east by investing $110 million in Modbury Hospital.

After a Liberal commitment to invest in Modbury Hospital to begin undoing more of the damage of Transforming Health, Labor has engaged in several backflips but has still failed to reinstate Modbury’s High Dependency Unit (HDU).

Only the Liberals will establish a 4-bed HDU at Modbury Hospital to make more procedures possible at the hospital, provide a base for a medical emergency team, reduce the need for expensive and potentially dangerous ambulance transfers, and ease pressure on both the Modbury Emergency Department and the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Our investment in major new infrastructure at Modbury Hospital will also deliver:

  • an extended emergency care unit allowing longer local observation and tests
  • an acute medical unit to provide more time for patients to recover before discharge
  • an acute surgical unit to make possible a wider range of surgical procedures
  • a purpose-built palliative care unit to provide quality end-of-life care

Why we’re doing it

For Modbury Hospital, the downgrades from Labor’s failed Transforming Health policy include:

  • complex surgery transferred to Lyell McEwin and other hospitals
  • emergency surgery withdrawn
  • high dependency unit closed

This means that in an emergency, when every minute counts, many patients are not able to be treated locally at Modbury Hospital and are sent to the Lyell McEwin or into the city.

That’s why a Liberal Government will strengthen surgical services at Modbury Hospital and reinstate a HDU.

This important investment will save lives.