Investing in entrepreneurial education

We are investing in the jobs of the future

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will give our students the skills they need to start a business, innovate and contribute to our economy by investing in entrepreneurial subjects and schools.

This will include developing new business focussed SACE subjects, available to all schools, and creating four specialist Entrepreneurial High Schools.

Two of these schools will be in the metropolitan area and two will be in regional areas, with business leaders, entrepreneurs and other relevant community leaders engaged as role models and mentors.

Why we’re doing it

We need more South Australian entrepreneurs to provide growth and jobs in our economy.

Our children are our future business leaders and entrepreneurs and we must ensure they have the education, training and skills to turn their aspirations into reality here in South Australia.

That’s why a Marshall Liberal Government will ensure that our students get the chance to learn the skills they need not only to get a job and a career, but also to create jobs.