Liberal Energy Solution

We have a comprehensive series of policies to make SA's energy more reliable and affordable

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will implement a comprehensive solution to fix the electricity crisis that Labor has created, ensuring our system is reliable while driving prices down.

Only a Marshall Liberal Government has an independently modelled, comprehensive solution to fix the mess Labor created. Our energy solution is focused on:

  • Affordable energy – under our solution, the average household bill will be cut
  • A reliable grid – our solution offers smarter storage and stronger networks
  • Securing our future – our solution will successfully transition South Australia into a new era of energy technology

Only our solution will make electricity in South Australia more affordable.

Why we’re doing it

Labor’s failure to maintain affordable and reliable electricity continues to cost families, businesses and the South Australian economy dearly.

When Labor came to office in 2002, power prices in South Australia were broadly in line with other states but we now have the highest electricity prices in the nation.

This is hurting businesses and families.

That’s why our energy solution targets the needs of people and is focused on practical outcomes, not politics, glitz and glamour.