Light armoured vests for police

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will protect our police in the difficult and dangerous situations they are often called upon to deal with by immediately initiating a trial of the use of light armoured vests.

In particular, the trial will establish whether the vests can be worn in comfort in South Australia’s warm summer climate as the vests need to be comfortable as well as functional.

If the trial confirms the suitability of the vests, a Liberal Government will fund their provision to South Australia’s 1900 frontline police.

Why we’re doing it

Our frontline police must have equipment that keeps up with the changes in crimes they have to deal with.

This includes the necessary protective equipment to ensure they are as safe as they can be if a terrorist incident arises or any other high-risk situation such as offenders with guns and knives.

As the nature of crime evolves, the safety of our police must remain paramount.

That’s why we will invest in additional protective equipment for our frontline police.