Marine parks – economic and environmental priorities

Balancing economic and environmental priorities in our marine environment

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will undertake a science-based review of our network of marine parks, ensuring that a sensible and successful balance is struck between economic development and environmental preservation.

Specifically, we will maintain South Australia’s network of marine parks but revise the current Sanctuary (No Take) Zone boundaries.

We remain committed to protecting the marine environment through the aquatic reserve provisions in the Fisheries Management Act and we will do this in a way that values the commercial and recreational fishing sectors as well as regional community representatives.

Why we’re doing it

In our regions, it is especially important to ensure economic opportunity, jobs and investment are not unnecessarily lost in the protection of the environment.

Our marine environment is a case in point.

Properly managed, they can support more jobs as well as remaining a precious asset for present and future generations.

Previous Liberal governments supported the creation of marine parks, but the approach of the Weatherill Government to managing these parks has been flawed.

Unnecessary restrictions through a multiplicity of Sanctuary (No Take) Zones are having a devastating impact on some important sectors of our economy. This holds back investment and jobs.

Regional communities, the tourism industry and both commercial and recreational fishers are suffering because management measures imposed by Labor are not supported by sound science and that’s why we will revise the Sanctuary Zones the government imposed.