Mitcham Hills road corridor upgrade

We are committed to productive infrastructure

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will improve safety and traffic flow through the Mitcham Hills by investing $20 million into the local road network to address urgent infrastructure needs, including improvements to the Blackwood roundabout.

This substantial investment in this traffic bottleneck will deliver a critical improvement in community safety and ease frustrating delays for thousands of commuters.

In addition to investing in the Blackwood roundabout we will:

  • Improve the safety and operation of the Main Road/Russell Street intersection
  • Alleviate safety concerns and reduce traffic congestion at the intersection of Shepherds Hill Road – Brighton Parade/Waite Street
  • Upgrade lighting along key sections of the corridor
  • Work with the City of Mitcham to prioritise road and safety upgrades throughout the Mitcham Hills road network, especially Coromandel Parade and parking in the Blackwood Centre

Why we’re doing it

The Mitcham Hills road corridor through Belair, Blackwood and Coromandel Valley needs upgrading to improve safety and traffic flow for residents and commuters.

Increasing congestion and bushfire risk in the Mitcham Hills have been recognised as critical issues for almost a decade, but successive Labor governments have refused to invest in essential infrastructure.

Traffic jams from the bottom of Old Belair Road through to the centre of Blackwood and the roundabout are notorious, especially during peak periods.

That’s why we will invest in this road corridor, tackling congestion and getting you to and from work sooner.