More affordable hospital car parking

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will act to ensure affordable car parking fees apply at all South Australian public hospitals.

This will include:

  • reducing the weekly car park charge at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital for relatives of long-stay patients from $65 per week to $38 per week
  • establishing a new patient and carer parking scheme to apply at all metropolitan public hospitals that includes increased support for:
    • patients with frequent outpatient appointments
    • parents or carers of a young child patient
    • relatives or carers of long-stay patients
    • family and friends of palliative care patients
  • openly disclose car parking fees, fee exemptions and the availability of care park passes on both websites and at the car park sites.

Why we’re doing it

The cost of parking a car at a public hospital can quickly become a significant expense for patients, their carers and visitors.

This is especially the case for people who have to make frequent or prolonged visits to a particular hospital.

At the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, a weekly-ticket for someone visiting a long-stay patient costs $65. This is much higher than the maximum cost of $38 for a weekly ticket at any other metropolitan public hospital.

Trying to complete a hospital visit within a strict time-frame can interfere with your capacity to support a loved one undergoing treatment.

At the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the cost of parking a car jumps at the two-hour mark from $7 to $14 and continues to rise in subsequent hours.

That’s why we will ease the financial and emotional strain on those attending hospital as patients or carers by ensuring car parking fees are affordable.