Natural resources management

We are committed to supporting our primary producers

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will give farmers, primary producers and landowners security and confidence by working with them on Natural Resources Management (NRM).

We will repeal the NRM Act and current boards in favour of Landscape South Australia – a new approach that focuses on getting back to the basics of soil quality, pest control, and water management.

We will provide for stronger local representation on new local boards by requiring that three of the board members be directly elected by the community, while also capping land and water levy increases to ensure they are not an unfair impost on primary producers and businesses.

Boards will be required to identify their priorities in a 5-year plan and to outsource aspects of these priorities to the private and non-government sector to create jobs and drive investment further.

Why we’re doing it

In a strong economy, the management of our land and other natural resources brings together communities, organisations and government agencies to work for the benefit of all of us.

But the NRM system established by Labor in 2004 has lost the confidence of the South Australian public, particularly in our regional communities.

The current system is heavy on compliance and light on building effective, working partnerships between government and the community.

A gradual centralisation of staffing, resourcing and decision-making has eroded public confidence in the way NRM works.

That’s why we will help our economy grow by giving primary producers and landowners much greater security and confidence through major reform of our natural resources management.