No vote for serious offenders

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will prevent prisoners voting in state elections if they are convicted of a crime so serious that they are sentenced to a term of three or more years.

The denial of the right to vote will apply for the duration of their sentences.

Why we’re doing it

Prisoners are denied their liberty and their freedom of association and we believe that, for the time they are imprisoned for serious crimes, they should also lose their right to vote.

If they are guilty of a serious breach of the law, they shouldn’t also have a vote to make the law.

This is in step with the national approach whereby no one sentenced to three or more years’ imprisonment can vote at a federal election.

South Australia is the only state which does not impose restrictions on prisoners voting in state elections.

It is time South Australia caught up with all the other states and that’s why we will introduce legislation to ensure serious offenders can’t vote.