Open and Accountable Government

We'll be supporting business through better government

What we’ll do

Through comprehensive reform, a Marshall Liberal Government will restore open and accountable government for all South Australians.

Our agenda for open and accountable government will include:

  • Ministerial accountability
  • Banning political party officials from being government lobbyists
  • Stricter rules for ministerial/ministerial staff spending
  • Ensuring Ministers provide prompt answers to parliamentary questions
  • ICAC – access to Cabinet documents
  • Enabling ICAC to hold public hearings and report to Parliament
  • Greater transparency in the awarding of major government contracts
  • Ensuring more effective protection to journalists and their sources
  • Regular public disclosure of costs of government advertising and strict controls to prevent abuse of taxpayers’ money
  • More public information about use of Consultants and Contractors and their cost
  • Prompt disclosure of information about Ministerial overseas trips

Why we’re doing it

To Labor, open and accountable government means misusing millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to advertise misleading claims about so-called government achievements.

In his first commitment as Premier in 2011, Jay Weatherill said: ‘We want to present a Government that is open and accountable.’

This is the same Premier who later insisted there could be no public hearings by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) to shine a light on the Oakden aged care scandal – the same Premier who has refused to make ministers accountable for a series of massive policy and administrative failures including in child protection, the Gillman land deal, the chemotherapy dosing bungle, the Transforming Health disasters, South Australia’s lack of affordable and reliable electricity, the neglect and abuse of aged people in government care at Oakden and the failure of TAFE courses to meet basic standards, threatening the immediate job prospects of more than 800 students.

South Australians deserve better from their elected representatives.

That’s why we will end Labor’s toxic culture of secret government.