Palliative Care

What we’ll do

We will invest $16 million in palliative care to more effectively support people in the final stages of their life.

We will:

  • extend community outreach palliative care services from the current weekday service to provide a 24-hour service, 7 days a week
  • undertake a state-wide assessment of unmet need for palliative care
  • renew palliative care services by establishing a state-wide clinical network which will undertake the urgent task of co-designing and delivering a new Palliative Care Services Plan

Why we’re doing it

Enhancing palliative care options will assist people to live the last period of their life at home and to manage pain and illness with dignity.

The prevention and relief from suffering through high quality palliative care is the mark of a compassionate society.

Palliative care options must improve and diversify in the future and we need to increase access within the Adelaide metropolitan area and throughout the state.

That’s why we need to expand services and develop a new Palliative Care Services Plan for the future.