Paradise Park n' Ride

We are committed to productive infrastructure

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will ensure there is convenient parking for commuters in the north east, while also reducing congestion on nearby local streets, by building a multi-storey Park ‘n’ Ride facility at Paradise O’Bahn Interchange.

By providing a $7.5 million investment, we will provide over 300 new car parks, maximising access to the O-Bahn.

Why we’re doing it

It was a Liberal government that brought the O’Bahn bus service to Adelaide’s north-east suburbs but in recent years, supporting infrastructure has not kept pace with the increasing number of people using the service.

Around 30,000 people use the O-Bahn each weekday but by about 8.00 am, commuters wanting to access services from the Paradise Interchange are being forced into an overflow carpark or onto nearby streets.

Labor promised to build a Park n’ Ride before the last election but then broke that promise. Meanwhile, Nick Xenophon hasn’t listened to local commuters and has publicly opposed improvements to the O-Bahn network.

The community deserves better and that’s why we will invest in this important piece of infrastructure.