Reducing costs for the fisheries industry

Balancing priorities in our marine environment

What we’re doing

A Marshall Liberal Government will reduce the overall cost and red tape burden on South Australia’s fisheries industry by initiating an independent review of the Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) cost recovery policy.

The review will take into account the Productivity Commission’s 2016 report on Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture which recommended that cost recovery should be linked as closely as possible to the efficiently incurred costs of essential regulatory services and that all governments should be transparent in disclosing what these costs are.

Why we’re doing it

The fisheries industry directly employs more than 6,000 people and most of their produce is exported bringing millions of dollars into our economy.

Our fisheries industries is at a disadvantage compared with other jurisdictions. For instance, in South Australia 12% of the Abalone industry’s gross value of production is attributed to cost recovery. By contrast the WA fisheries cost recovery policy is capped at 5.75%.

Industry members are dissatisfied with the current cost recovery model as it lacks transparency and they believe they are subsidising a disproportionate amount of PIRSA’s overheads.

That’s why we will initiate an independent review of PIRSA’s cost recovery policy with the aim of reducing costs and red tape for industry, as well as increase transparency