Regaining ground in international trade

We will transform the economy through export growth

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will create jobs by boosting South Australia’s international trade and strongly supporting our exporters.

We will have a minister with sole responsibility for trade and investment to drive a whole of government export policy.

We will create a much more extensive overseas trade network for South Australia by opening new trade offices in Japan, Malaysia, Dubai and the United States.

We will also open a South Australian trade office in Shanghai to grow exports into the lucrative Chinese market, driving millions of dollars into our economy and creating more jobs.

And we will increase the number of international locations at which South Australia will have representatives embedded with Austrade.

These measures will enable deeper, long-term engagement with our key trading partners and will provide a first point of contact for people looking for investment opportunities in South Australia.

Why we’re doing it

We won’t grow the economy and create additional jobs by selling lattes to ourselves.

Unfortunately, under Labor, our export performance has fallen behind the rest of Australia – with our share of the nation’s merchandise exports dropping from 7.4% to just 4%.

Had we retained the share of national exports we had before Labor came to power, we could be supporting approximately 100,000 additional jobs.

It’s simple maths. More exports = more South Australian jobs.

That’s why we will invest in an export-led transformation of our economy.