Regional Growth Fund

We are dedicated to strengthening regional SA

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will create jobs and unlock new economic activity in our regions by injecting $150 million over the next ten years to support employment growth in the regions through our Regional Growth Fund.

This fund will support projects that unlock new economic activity in our regions, creating jobs, growing export opportunities and strengthening regional communities.

Why we’re doing it

Growing employment in this way will support stronger population centres and contribute to the vibrancy of regional communities.

In turn, our regions will be able to support a broader range of amenities and community activities, helping to attract and retain people who would otherwise have to move elsewhere to get a job.

This longer-term commitment to support regional employment growth will also provide greater certainty in the same way our Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund will guarantee another major funding stream over the next decade.

We are committed to recharging our regions and that’s why we will always invest in regional job creation.