Rejuvenating city buildings

Ensuring Adelaide remains a great place to live and work

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will breathe new life into vacant buildings and increase property values by reducing red tape, making it easier to rejuvenate tired CBD buildings.

We will ensure the Building Code does not prevent the adaptive reuse of buildings constructed before 1980.

This will cut the red tape burden associated with giving a new purpose to existing buildings. It will make redevelopment quicker and less costly, stimulating growth and allowing businesses to focus on creating more jobs.

Why we’re doing it

The Adelaide CBD has a record level of vacant office space and empty buildings, detracting from its vibrancy because more unnecessary red tape has been standing in the way.

Under the current provisions of the Building Code, upgrading and reactivating existing buildings is often cost-prohibitive as such development must comply with the same requirements as if it is being newly constructed.

Owners of heritage buildings in particular have cited this red tape as making their adaptive reuse unviable.

And while a heritage building may be attractive, our heritage assets must be more than empty shells. They need to be accessible places that are enjoyed and given a second life through adaptive and sympathetic upgrading.

That’s why we will make it easier to make them fit for new use.