Removing red tape for our growers

We'll be supporting business through better government

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will free up our horticultural growers to focus on their business and employ more people by removing the unnecessary red tape related to netting their crops.

For example, we will change planning regulations to ensure crop netting does not require a planning permit and instead introduce a much simpler requirement that the weight, colour and size of the netting structure merely needs to be appropriate for the council planning zone in which it is located.

Why we’re doing it

Horticulture is an important South Australian industry worth about $900 million a year at the orchard gate.

There are 3,500 small and medium sized horticultural businesses employing 13,500 permanent staff and 24,000 seasonal staff.

However, planning laws are putting unnecessary restrictions on timely industry growth.

This includes the extensive application and approval process for crop protection structures (netting) which often takes a long time to complete, during which time a crop needing covering has been lost.

That’s why we will stop red tape unnecessarily holding back this vital industry.