Renal dialysis on the APY lands

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will make it possible for patients to receive life-saving health care on the lands close to their homes by backing the establishment of a permanent renal dialysis unit at Pukatja.

This will enable Aboriginal people to live with their families while receiving treatment.

Our support will include:

  • negotiating a fair fee-for-service price for each dialysis treatment session Western Desert Dialysis delivers at the facility
  • providing up to $50,000 transitional funding as the facility moves to becoming a fully-funded, sustainable operation.

Why we’re doing it

In the far north of our state, the number of Aboriginal people who need regular kidney dialysis is rapidly rising.

The lack of a permanent dialysis unit on the APY Lands forces patients to relocate hundreds of kilometres from their homes to get the treatment they need.

This is because people with end stage kidney disease need regular dialysis and the nearest facilities available to them are in Adelaide, Port Augusta or Alice Springs.

More than four years ago, the Federal Government committed capital funding for a permanent renal dialysis unit to be built in the APY community of Pukatja/Ernabella.

For the next two years, the Weatherill Government refused to back the project. This lack of support threatened to derail the entire project and has significantly delayed the provision of this vital service.

These services save lives and that’s why a Marshall Liberal Government will act to ensure their delivery as soon as possible.