Renal dialysis unit in the South East

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will improve the quality of care for patients undergoing renal dialysis in the state’s South East by upgrading and expanding the Renal Unit at Mount Gambier Hospital.

We will:

  • rebuild and expand the unit to increase the capacity from four to six patients
  • upgrade facilities within the unit to ensure it supports quality and safe care

We will also work with the community so that public fundraising and public investment can work together to deliver a quality facility which can be as comfortable as possible.

Why we’re doing it

The Mount Gambier and Districts Health Service serves a regional population of 85,000.

The Renal Dialysis Unit at the Mount Gambier Hospital is the only such service for the South East and the only one beyond Murray Bridge but it is both substandard and too small.

Its four treatment bays operate 12 hours a day, six days a week and have reached capacity with demand for renal services still increasing.

That’s why we will invest in Renal Dialysis facilities so that people in the South East can access quality health care services, closer to home.