Representation for recreational and commercial fishers

Balancing economic and environmental priorities in our marine environment

What we’ll do

A Marshall Liberal Government will establish a new representative body for recreational fishers.

This body will include representatives from Recfish SA, Recfish Central, the SA Fishing Alliance and any other relevant groups.

It will work in partnership with PIRSA to manage and promote recreational fishing.

It will receive administrative support from PIRSA but be able to act independently of the South Australian Government.

In consultation with the new representative body for recreational fishers and commercial fishing bodies, a Marshall Liberal Government will also re-establish the Fisheries Council under the Fisheries Management Act. With this legislative backing, the Council will act as a policy forum to develop management plans that support the interests of the recreational and commercial sectors and ensure the sustainability of our fisheries.

Why we’re doing it

South Australia’s 277,000 recreational fishers include individuals, small businesses, charter operators and participants in the tourism industry who operate in marine waters hosting some of the most sought after premium seafood in the world.

Our fishing industry, recreational and commercial, provides significant social and economic benefits.

The Weatherill Government recognises South Australian Recreational Fishing Advisory Council Incorporated (RecFish SA) as the peak body for recreational fishing. Other organisations have emerged though that do not recognise RecFish SA as the peak body.

The state’s recreational fishing sector is now very divided and disjointed.

That’s why we will act to ensure recreational fishers have much better representation.